Parenting Investigation

Parent education can benefit parents by teaching child development, child management, and the importance of setting boundaries. These skills will lead to an environment that fosters strong values and beliefs in the household.

A youth and/or young adult’s inability to provide a safe home due to development of high risk behaviors, such as, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, and sometimes criminal behavior many times lead to generational abuse.

U-Nique Purpose, Inc. goals are to enhance bonding and accountable relationships, in hopes to minimize the multi- generational risk cycles.

     “You can’t fix what you will not face!” Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III

The majority of youth and children in foster care live in a minimum of 5 different homes.                                CWJC Graduation Spring '2014 w/ U-Nique Purpose, Inc.

Timeline Regarding the Removal of a Child by CPS

If the Department of Family and Protective Services (“DFPS” or sometimes referred to as “CPS”) takes possession of a child in the State of Texas without referred to as “CPS”)  the agreement of a parent or guardian, the following deadlines apply, calculated from the date the child is removed from the home:

Day 1: Removal of Child/Emergency Hearing CPS may conduct an emergency removal of a child if a CPS worker finds:

  • there is a present danger of serious harm to the child in the home;
  • the caregiver’s protective capacities are insufficient to keep the child safe from the harm; and/or
  • there are no reasonable efforts that CPS can make to prevent removal of the child that would be consistent with the safety of the child. If a child is removed by CPS without a hearing, an emergency hearing must