Youth in foster care unlike other 18 year old’s  are required to make a decision at 18 if they will leave their foster care family (system)  or stay under the care of the system. Unfortunately, most leave thinking they are prepared for the real world. Data, states within two years of leaving 50% will become homeless,  and/or incarcerated and 50% of the girls will become pregnant.

U-Nique Purpose, Inc., objective is to help them understand who they are created to be, their #uniquepurpose.

  • Quarterly Selfie Celebration!!
    • Celebrate Your Resilience
  • 4D: Life Prep!!
    • Discover who U R..
    • Dissect your weakness and strengths
    • Develop a balance
    • Deploy into the Real World

Previous Selfies!! Celebration!” November ‘2018

This year was extremely special, because TRAC outreach came and spoke about the Transition Resource Action Center (TRAC) services at CitySquare.


..Spaces are limited, contact us now!  ……[email protected]

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