Blue Sunday

Blue Sunday is National Day of Prayer for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, which is always the last Sunday of April ~ Child Abuse Prevention Month. U-Nique Purpose, Inc. stands in agreement with the goals of the Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention Initiative. These goals include meeting the needs of the children, and raising awareness among the faith based community. U-Nique Purpose, Inc. would like to add to these goals, by also praying for the healing of the families that have been affected due to abuse, neglect and/or institutional racism.

The Last Sunday of April, Pastor and/administers a special prayer for those at risk and/or engaged within the system.

    • Prevent child abuse and neglect in families, communities and different systems
    • Prayer of healing
      • Children/Youth – replace internalized rejection, pain, healthy self-worth
      • Families -Internalized hurt, pain, guilt, and forgiveness
      • Systems- Neglect that leaves room for – institutional racism known and unknown
  • Sunday Service everyone should wear Blue
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